• Speed control by frequency inverter
  • Digital speed readout
  • Separate electronic cabinet
  • Vessel clamping system
  • 5 m cable between dissolver and electric cabinet included (other length on request)
  • 150 mm dispersing disc included


Easy to operate. Powerfull. Secure.

The Dispermill Pilot Dissolver is designed for the bigger laboratory research and development projects and pilot plants. The H-shaped floor stand ensures stability on the dissolver and the counterweight provides a balance that eases to move the machine up and down with the ergonomic lever. The powerful motor maintains its selected speed, independent of changes in viscosity. This guarantees optimum performance for your dissolving process. Besides, the stainless steel design is easy to maintain.


Your safety is very important to us. Safety interlocks for vessel detection and operation height are developed to ensure that no hazardous situations occur. This means that you can focus on your activities without being worried. We also offer an ATEX version of this model that can opperate in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.


The Dispermill Pilot Dissolver fills the gap between the laboratory and the production dissolvers. Do you need a bigger testing sample or a smaller production batch? That’s where the Dispermill Pilot Dissolver comes in.

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H220 H400 H550
Power2,2 kW / 3 HP4,0 kW / 5 HP5,5 kW / 7 HP
Supply400V +/- 10%400V +/- 10%400V +/- 10%
Speed150 – 4000 RPM150 – 4000 RPM150 – 4000 RPM
Volume range vessel15 – 150 L15 – 150 L15 – 150 L