• 40 mm Rotor-stator
  • For emulsifying and homogenizing
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Interchangeable shaft


Our solution for emulsifying and homogenizing.

The Rotor-stator is developed for emulsifying and homogenizing. Due to the powerful created turbulence, the dispersion process will take place in a little concentrated area where particles will decrease in size. By use of emulsifiers, the Rotor-stator can mix two products that are difficult to mix with usual dispersion methods.

The Rotor-stator shaft is interchangeable with your Discovery or X-proof shaft and comes with flange included. There are two versions available. The short version can be connected on the Discovery 100, and the X-Proof FR 075. The long version can be connected to the Discovery 200, 300 and the X-Proof FR 150.

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